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Five Fabulous Festoon Necklaces

I’ve been in a Festoon-y mood lately, so I decided to check out what some other internet antique jewelry dealers had available right now.  These five were some of my favorites, highlighting two stones you commonly see in these beauties, amethyst and peridot — and for good reason! Both stones are vibrant enough to pop against the dips and swirls of the yellow gold chain work.

Antique Festoon Necklace
via Ruby Lane
ANTIQUE EDWARDIAN 14K Gold, Amethyst & Natural Seed Pearl Festoon Necklace
via Etsy
Antique Art Nouveau 14k Gold Peridot & Sea Pearl Wedding/Festoon Necklace
via Ebay
ART NOUVEAU 10K Gold, Enamel, Amethyst & Natural Pearl Festoon Necklace
via Etsy
via Ebay

Do you have a favorite?


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