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Georgian Jewelry from The Three Graces

Quality antique Georgian jewelry can be difficult to source in the States. The majority of antique jewelry I stumble across comes from the Victorian and Art Deco eras.  It’s a special feat when someone stumbles across an old 18th century heirloom that is in good condition.  Most pieces are very well crafted, and being that many were melted down over the years and jewelry was not nearly as common pre Industrial Revolution, Georgian era jewelry remains quite rare.

For the discerning jewelry collector, investing in a statement piece of Georgian jewelry, despite the expense, remains a worthy goal.  I have always dreamed of owning an authentic posy ring from this era!

The Three Graces has a lovely collection of hand wrought Georgian pieces, highlighting various stylistic trends of the time including paste stones, foil back stones, and magical rose cut diamonds.

Featured Image: Skeleton Stuart Crystal Ring from The Three Graces

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