FAQ: How Do I Care for My Antique Jewelry?

How to Care for Antique Jewelry

Special care should be taken when caring for any piece of fine jewelry, some of course needing a little more attention than others.  Below are some of the most common bullet points I tell my customers when they are buying an heirloom from our collection.

  • Do not press on stones when taking ring on or off.  Pull the ring off from its sides.
  • Do not submerge opals, pearls, cameos, or emeralds in any type of jewelry cleaner. Use a soft cloth or brush that is damp with a mild cleaner instead (soapy water).
  • Avoid putting antique jewelry in ultra sonic cleaners.
  • Avoid showering or sleeping with your jewelry on.
  • Avoid washing dishes, swimming, or using any type of chemical when wearing your jewelry.
  • Store your heirlooms in a safe place! Store them so they do not rub up against each other. Separate sterling from other jewelry by using felt.
  • Get your heirlooms checked by a jewelry at least once a year or if you feel a stone may be loose.

Have some advice of your own you would like to share?  Comment below and let us know!

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