Ageless Heirlooms

About Lauren, Owner and Founder of Ageless Heirlooms

Lauren Thomann

I’ve always been very minimal with what I’ve shared about myself via Ageless Heirlooms with the exception of Instagram which would be your closest look into Lauren the person. Most other About Me’s are actually more about Ageless Heirlooms and my professional credentials. So for the first time on Ageless Heirlooms site version 11.9, I’ve decided to embrace the opportunity with an About section that isn’t so much about the business but is instead about me.

If you’ve followed me at any point over the past decade, you’ve probably seen more than one picture of my hands. Sometimes they are freshly manicured with a cool color nail polish, but most times they are plain jane. If my nails are in particularly rough shape, I’ll try to get creative with the angle of the photo–maybe I’ll add a blur vignette here or there. At any given time, I might have over 1,000 hand selfies in my phone, because, well, it’s what I do best and it’s what I sell best–rings.

Things I Love:
  • Old books/catalogs about jewelry
  • Houses built pre-1930
  • Stained glass windows
  • Antique cushion cut diamonds
  • Art Nouveau jewelry I can’t afford
  • Iron & Wine (and lots of other music, too)
  • Victorian era Turquoise jewelry
  • DIY/Rehab projects around my house + HGTV
  • Fuzzy socks & Naps
  • Noodles, whether ramen, soba, lo mein… I love them all.
  • Richly saturated gemstones in any color, but cooler tones preferred
  • Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, & other similar Fantasy Fiction